Architectural Ironmongery Suppliers

Cold Smoke Seals

Cold smoke seals protect against the damaging effects of cold smoke coming from a fire in another part of the building. Our range offers perimeter and  drop down smoke seals from top suppliers such as Integrity Architectural Seals Ltd, Lorient, Norsound, Athmer and Sealmaster. Smoke kills more people than fire.

Perimeter seals are easily cut to size to fit between the door and the frame/stop, and also offer significant sound-proofing. Drop down seals are used on the bottom of the door. All products allow low friction operation of the door in normal use, in addition to high duability - 1,000,000 opening and closing cycles on a full size door assembly is to be expected.

Our surface-mounted cold smoke drop down seals are suitable for sliding and glass doors, and are simple to retro-fit.

Relevant standards are BS 476: Part 31: 1983, and BS 476 Part 20/22